Military veterans. My name is Pat. I’m a retired military personal myself.
After serving as a Marine for 5 years, I decided it was time to for a discharge and pursue something else.

After the discharge, I started to witness the pain and suffering many of my fellow vets would come into.
Of course as a vet myself, I could not help but feel empathetic to what my fellow brothers were going through.

Which of course came birth of Pro Marine.

I started this company in order to help recovering Marines easily transition into the civilian way of life.

You see, as a vet, I understand the pain which some of you are going through.
I have been fortunate enough to transition back into the civilian life and I have made it my mission to help those in need do just the same.

Please, if you are a veteran who understand what I mean or know someone whose going through this situation,
contact me, and we’ll have them taken cared. of.

My best regards,
– Pat.